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Interior Design

GANI Interiors offers full range of interior design services tailored to your needs. Our creative team of interior designers assists our clients from the conceptual design through the implementation and successful delivery of the project.

Interior Concept Design

Our interior designers start with a floorplan to help us, and you, familiarise with the space. Once we understand more about your tastes, we come up with interior solutions and home furniture products according your taste and needs.



Selection of home furniture

Our interiors designers helps you in selecting quality home furniture at competitive prices considering costs such as transportation and custom duties in case the home furniture is purchased abroad.

Final Interior Design

We provide you with a complete, integrated and 100% customised interior design project featuring built-in solutions (kitchen and wardrobes), furniture, wall and floor coverings, lighting and styling (art, accessories, decoration). We keep track of our spending throughout the process so that we stay within budget.

Selection of materials 

We assist our clients in the selection of durable materials and the bidding process with local and international vendors. Thanks to our experience and to an extensive network built over the years, we’re able to bring you bespoke solutions that enrich your project with unique materials and products.

Purchase and Transportation

Once everything is defined and approved, we place the orders, follow the shipping and oversee the fittings. We manage the transport of our client's products from start to end.

Construction Supervision

After agreeing on the final design and budget, we start with the construction works. Our interior designers, project managers and construction staff work closely together to ensure quality and on-time project delivery.

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